Best Instagram Growth Services That Keep Your Account Safe

One of the essential things in using Instagram for businesses and firms is to maintain a steady growth level. However, this is not easy because growth in followers, engagement, and good quality content takes time. This is where Instagram growth services come into play. Using the right service can ensure a surge in quality growth. To make full use of the Instagram growth service, marketers of the firm must have a thorough knowledge of their target audience. This is important because having the right experience can help exploit the right kind or type of Instagram growth service.

The Best Instagram Growth Services

There are many different and vast types of Instagram growth services available throughout the internet. Some of the few important and most used services have been discussed next. These include the following:

Simply Gram

Simply Gram promises rapid growth in organic Instagram followers. The service promises to interact with potential Instagram followers who are interested in a specific niche. This is done via the use of hashtags as well as target marketing. The most significant promise of Simply Gram is that they dramatically increase online social influence. Simply Gram claims to fulfill this promise by offering nine key features. These key features include Artificial Intelligence Optimization, one-on-one consulting services, dramatically high speeds using IntelliBoost optimization engine, 24/7 call support, bank-level security, affordability, compliance with Instagram, no worry of downloads as well as convenient service set up.


Kicksta is a budget-friendly service that includes a vast amount of features that can be used by businesses. The most talked-about feature is when the account user can buy real followers on Instagram. The best part about this feature is that its subscription can be canceled anytime as well. Kicksta contains different packages that are convenient to use and feel light on the pocket. These packages include the following: first is the standard package that consists of automated activities, post scheduling, as well as advanced targeting filters. The other package is the Premium package that offers faster growth speeds as well as the option of adding up to three different Instagram accounts. The last option is the Agency option. This is the package tailor-made for big businesses that have to handle over ten accounts simultaneously.


SocialCaptain is another option that can help grow the Instagram account and ensures better engagement as well. The service makes use of fully integrated and highly optimized, automated as well as targeted Instagram marketing. They claim to use AI-powered targeting as well that helps them become more efficient in the process. SocialCaptain offers a free trial of 30 days before making a purchase, after which there is an option to choose any weekly or monthly plans. The best and most recognized features of SocialCaptain include fast track organic Instagram growth, automated direct messaging, free trial, and convenient user interface.


Facebook growth service applications have become an integral part of online marketing and, therefore, must be used in the right manner to ensure efficient progress concerning target audience growth and engagement.