How much is parking at Eppley Airfield?

Eppley Airfield is an international airport located on the northwestern side of Omaha. The airport is the biggest in Nebraska. In 1959, Eugene Eppley pioneered the transformation of the airport from a Municipal Airport into a jet port, and so the airport was named after him. The airport serves several local and international destinations such as Western Iowa, South Dakota, Northwest Missouri, and the Nothern part of Kansas. The airport being the largest in Nebraska handles more than four million passengers yearly. Because of the large numbers of passengers and motorists that are handled by the airport, parking at the airport is meticulously planned and scheduled as explained in details below.

Parking at Eppley Airfield
There are approximately seven parking categories at Eppley Airfield Airport. The parking packages are broken down as follows.

1. Premier Parking
Premier parking spaces are located on the first row of the garage, and no reservations are required to book for this kind of parking. The premier parking charge is a flat rate of 23.5 dollars per day (for 24 hours).

2. South Canopy Parking
There are 54 parking spaces in this category. Additionally, there are free shuttle services to the terminal for all the passengers that park their cars in South Canopy Parking. The parking charge is 10.50 dollars for each 24-hour period that your car spends at the parking.

3. South Long-Term Economy Parking
Passengers who park in this category enjoy free shuttle services to and from the terminal. For every 24 hours, they pay a flat rate of 6 dollars.

4. North Long-Term Economy Parking
There are free shuttle services for passengers who park in this area. For each 24-hours that your car spends at the parking lot, you pay a flat rate of 7 dollars.

5. Long-Term Garage Parking
In this category, you pay 1 dollar for every 15 minutes that elapse in the first hour. Beyond the first one hour, you pay 1.5 dollars for every 20 minutes that pass. The amount accumulates to a maximum of 16 dollars per day.

6. Quick-Park Garage Parking
In this category, you pay 1 dollar for every 15 minutes that elapse in the first hour of parking. After the first hour, you pay 1.5 dollars for every 20 minutes segment. The parking fee accumulates to a total of 26 dollars daily. For the subsequent days, a flat rate of 26 dollars daily applies. The parking is located some few meters from the passenger terminal; therefore, no shuttle services are needed to move the passengers to the terminal.

7. Surface Lot Parking
The parking is located on the northern side of the garage and a flat rate of 10 dollars for every 24 hours applies to the vehicles parked in this space.

In conclusion, parking services at Eppley Airfield are managed through technologically advanced systems that help in minimizing the time required by the passengers to locate their vehicles when they return from their journeys. Eppley Airfield has been ranked number 17 among the 61 largest airports based in the USA, and the airport has been growing drastically in recent years to offer nonstop flights to new destinations such as San Francisco.