How Much Is Parking at San Francisco Airport?

If you are traveling alone, getting dropped at the airport can be a challenge. It is not necessary that a cab or a friend is always available to drop you off. For that purpose, the option of taking your own car at the airport and parking there is also good. Parking can be done at the airport without really having to think much about the time of parking or whether or not the parking spots are secured. Parking at almost every airport is very secured and comes with different features depending upon the airport. For instance, if you go to the San Francisco Airport you will be charged according to the short-term and long-term parking. The short-term parking at San Francisco Airport is relatively cheap and caters to your short-term parking needs and vice versa.

What is the difference between short term and long-term parking?

Parking slots are now available at every airport in accordance with the need of the customer. For instance, if a customer visits the airport and parks his/her car for a short period of time, he/she will opt for the short-term parking option. The short-term parking option consists of car parking for smaller periods of time. This period usually ranges between 10 – 60 minutes depending upon the customer’s convenience. On the contrary, the long-term parking option is for the customers who have to take the parking spot for a longer period of time. This time may vary between 2 hours to 1 week depending upon how long the customer wishes to park the car. The customers are charged for airport parking in accordance with the type of parking slots they choose.

How much is short-term parking for?

Usually, short term parking at the airport is beneficial for people who want to park their cars for any period of time within an hour. The charges for short term parking on average range between $2 to $6 for every 15 minutes. This makes about $8 to $10 per hour. However, it must be noted that short term parking only has 15-minute slots and does not cater to people who are looking to park their vehicles for more than an hour. For that purpose, they fall into the category of long term parking.

How much is long term parking for?

Long term parking is ideal for people who park their vehicles for more than an hour. This time period can range from 1 hour all the way up until one week. For customers who park their cars for a week, more economically priced packages are also available. Long term parking usually costs about $24 per day. Hence, a person who parks a vehicle for a week can expect to be charged around $120 to $150 depending upon their additional requirements as well.

On average the charges for parking a car at the San Francisco Airport can range according to the time of parking. Usually one can expect parking to be charged between $10 to $150.