Top Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2021

Are you looking for a simple way to monetize your digital goods? Who else wants to make some extra cash on the side? It is no longer an issue, thanks to the increasing prevalence of social media. The use of social media has increased dramatically in recent years. 3.48 billion people use social networking channels. When used correctly, social media for business will help you make money, sell goods, and grow your audience. To begin money-making on Instagram, choose a standard and lucrative niche that will help you gain fans, increase user interaction, and increase a chance to grow your social media.


The traveling market is the most important and known niche in the world. Modern travelers not only enjoy traveling but also want to share their adventures on social websites.

Imagine this: 97% of thousands of travelers post their images on social media. About 87% seek social media for adventure inspiration, and 40% of consumers under 33 value the potential destination’s ‘Instagrammability’ when making vacation decisions. To put it another way, Instagram provides more resources for people interested in being travel vloggers. So If you enjoy traveling, there are a variety of routes you can map to earn money on Instagram.


Because social media and influencers are so influential in the beauty world, it’s no surprise that 96% of beauty brands are on Instagram. Today, 65% of teenagers explore and invest in beauty products through social platforms and influencers.

Before making a purchase, modern consumers look for tutorials, beauty hacks, and beauty product reviews. As a result, this segment provides many opportunities for brands to promote their products, communicate with their target public, and increase e-commerce sales.


Instagram has evolved from a picture-sharing app to a powerful media app for world-famous designers, editors, and bloggers to take the fashion industry to the next level. Users use this site to explore new items, keep up with the trends, and gain fashion inspiration, and grow social media. Furthermore, this niche is becoming increasingly popular: by statistical analysis revenue in the fashion category reach up to $689,884M in 2021.

Health and Fitness

People are worried about health nowadays. The fitness era is booming, with $94 billion in sales in 2018. Instagramers are searching for brands, workouts, and resources that can promote health and fitness. As a result, this niche is a fantastic way to sell goods and services while still making money.


It’s no surprise that Instagram is all about photography as a photo-sharing platform. Users now upload 95 million images and videos every day. If you’re a brand or an influencer, you’ll need to take eye-catching photos to build a coherent Instagram feed and stand out. As a result, the photography industry is incredibly successful (and lucrative) on platform Instagram has evolved into a powerful sales machine that allows anyone to make money on the platform.

It is one of the fastest-growing social platform networks with the most engaged users. With many lucrative Instagram niches, turning your passion into a company is no longer a challenge, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to monetize your Instagram account and grow your social media.