What Cards Do I Need for Traffic Control

Traffic control has become one of the most essential things in today’s times. This is mainly due to the fact that the flow of traffic has increased by such an extent that it has to be controlled no matter what. Different people on different jobs do traffic management. However, the most significant part of this management is the traffic controller.

What does a traffic controller do?

These are people responsible for managing and controlling the flow of traffic along with the speed and direction of different cars and bikes on roads and streets. Adding to this, traffic controllers are also responsible for the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians because they are the ones directly involved in the flow of traffic. Most importantly, traffic controllers negate times of crises and disasters and help people during vehicle accidents. Lastly, traffic controllers also ensure manual traffic control in places that otherwise have a prolonged flow of traffic, including places like construction sites and locations of road works. Traffic controllers are qualified when they complete traffic control courses and other required certifications.

Type of cards needed for traffic control?

The most basic type of card required for a traffic controller in Australia is the White Card. The White Card is a certification that enables its holders to access otherwise inaccessible areas. A few examples of such places include construction sites and areas of development. White Cards are usually required by traffic controllers, site managers, supervisors, and surveyors. The other certification required by traffic controllers is the Traffic Controller License, which was previously known as the ‘Blue Card.’ The former Blue Card was granted by the government of Australia and the department of transport and main roads so that the holders could control the traffic at worksites and as well as other places where roads may be closed temporarily. Traffic controller applications can be lodged online or at various transport service centers throughout the country.

How do you become an accredited traffic controller?

Having the two types of cards is not enough to become a certified traffic controller. To become a fully qualified traffic controller in Australia, you must have certain pre-determined things like a provisional driver’s license within the past four to five years, at least. This license can be either Australian or International. Other than this, a traffic controller must have completed an online traffic management course, at least. This will ensure that the traffic controllers are aware, educated, and well trained for different types of situations that might arise during the call of duty. This course can be taken both online or in person. The course is divided into different categories and tests candidates in terms of physical education as well as common sense regarding roads and vehicles. A suitable traffic controller is one who is physically fit, literate, a proficient speaker of the English language, and someone who has a thorough understanding of different road signs and other traffic-related signs and symbols that are necessary to ensure people’s safety and wellbeing.