Are sturgeon killed for caviar?

For many years, wild sturgeons have been fished in huge quantities because of their
values ​​and the expensive caviar they contain.

Over the years, the number of wild sturgeon has declined rapidly due to the irresponsible amount of overfishing. Thousands and thousands of male and female sturgeon have been killed in these impulsive fishing techniques. The wild sturgeon will need at least 25 years to recover its population, which has become almost impossible with random fishing methods.

Sturgeons have been around for thousands of years and since dinosaurs walked on the land.
And it is totally unfair that man hunts this species of fish by dissipating the genetic biodiversity of the earth.

Sturgeon in the wild is a listed endangered species, despite the efforts of some organizations that protect the different types of endangered animals. For example, the caviar farm in Latvia has created a technique in which caviar is harvested from a live sturgeon, so that the fish must no longer be killed to extract the caviar.

And steps have been taken in recent years and over the next few years to ensure that this
exceptional and majestic fish is well protected. Sturgeon is the most precious fish, so you have to save it from extinction.

Sevruga Caviar

Sevruga caviar or sturgeon eggs have a special flavor and specificity worldwide because
of their high value, and even in some countries they are used as currency. The high value of caviar is estimated at several hundred dollars a year, and even more so in the black markets.

The sevruga caviaris extracted from sturgeon females, extracting its eggs from inside its body. After the sturgeon hunt, the eggs are filtered to separate the eggs from the flesh, then add a good amount of salt to improve the taste and preserve them.

The caviar depends on the size of the eggs and their processing and its value depends on its quality, as well as the sturgeon fish from which they come.

There are also salmon eggs, sold in the market as caviar, but pure caviar must come exclusively from sturgeons.

As sturgeon is considered one of the most important and valuable species in terms of eggs, the caviar trade attracts many fishermen. For this reason, the number of sturgeon species has considerably decreased in recent years. Some states have tried to impose strict restrictions on caviar trafficking to protect this breed of fish, including the United States and international organizations, but the effectiveness of its measures is not sufficient to protect this species and
slow down the production of caviar.

Caviar farming

Nowadays, farmed caviar is considered better than wild caviar because farmed sturgeons
are raised under favorable conditions that are well controlled and carefully protected without chemicals or pollutants. On the other hand, some sturgeon live in polluted rivers and seas and ingest all kinds of pollution and chemicals in their eggs. In conclusion, the production of caviar is one of the most important industries to emerge for many years. From day to day, new modern
techniques are being developed to help protect and preserve wild sturgeon.

How to preserve wild sturgeon

To better protect the wild sturgeon, it must be checked before the purchase of the caviar that the box purchased must include a 20-digit code indicating that the can is certified and not that of caviar picked by dishonest fishermen who exist on the black market.