Everything Inside a Bubble Tea or Bobba Kit You Need

Bubble Tea is one of the few variants of the traditional tea that has become fairly popular. It is now the trend that is spreading all over the world. Bubble tea not only provides a variety of flavors but also adds an element of excitement and fun to the entire process. The product is so in demand these days that a number of new complimentary things have been designed to make it even more exciting to consume. One such element that has been introduced is the Bubble Tea Kit. This kit basically comes with different ingredients and essentials so that you can prepare the tea yourself without having to order it from anywhere else.

What exactly is Bubble Tea?

Most of us are already aware of tea, and there are almost certain chances that we have consumed it in one form or the other. Bubble Tea, however, is completely different from traditional tea and is one that has become very fashionable and trendy in recent times. Bubble Tea is consumed by many people throughout the world, but what exactly is Bubble Tea? Bubble Tea is a tea-based drink that came into being back in the 1980s in Taiwan, it has recently become very popular amongst the new generation. The Bubble Tea is primarily made by mixing tea leaves, extract and milk with different fruits and fruit juices before adding the signature “bubbles” into the drink. The bubbles are usually in the form of delicious tapioca pearls that settle at the bottom of the drink and give it a unique and interesting look overall.

What is a Bubble Tea Kit?

A relatively new concept has been introduced in the market that encourages consumers to put in the effort and start making the tea drink themselves so that they are fully aware of all the ingredients that are in the drink. This concept has been introduced with the help of a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit that contains all the essentials required for making the drink. The kit also comes with a set of instructions to clarify all the ambiguities related to the product as well.

What is inside a Bubble Tea Kit?

The essentials inside the kit may vary from company to company but there are still some products that are constant and without them, the drink cannot be prepared. These include the following.

The Bubble Tea kit comes in two different flavors. These usually include the classic black tea flavor as well as the rooibos chai flavor. Apart from the flavor of the tea, there are two reusable stainless steel straws that are included in the kit. The flavors included in the kit are 100% home-brewable. Hence, it makes it very convenient to prepare the tea at home. All the customer has to do is add their choice of milk and mix the ingredients together. The Bubble Tea extracts are usually handmade and the kit is completely hand-assembled in countries like Georgia.