Manchester Airport

The City of Manchester is the second-most-populous metropolis in the UK. It has a population of around 3.2 million people and it’s well known for being the home of the world-renowned football club Manchester United. It is also a tourist centre as it has been ranked as the third most toured City in the UniKingdom. Some of its notable features include its architecture, both modern and Victorian, culture, social life and transport system.

Manchester airport

When it comes to using airports, airport parking Manchester is one of those crucial amenities. Manchester airport which is the third busiest in the United Kingdom serves the northern side of England and Wales. The airport serves both local and intercontinental commuters as it has many destinations to Europe and other continents. It has been ranked as one of the elite airports in the world which are able to handle code FL aircrafts. These aircraft include the big airplanes like the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8

There exists a smaller airfield which was originally Manchester’s main airport before the current one was built. It’s located west of the city around 10 km from the CBD. It is considered a part of the Manchester airport because chartered flights usually use it while the big planes use the major airport.

Parking services

When it comes to using airports, parking is one of those crucial amenities. Ample and secure parking gives commuters and travellers the confidence to use a particular airport. For the case of Manchester airport, there are five classes of parking which will look at below:

  1. Meet and greet plus parking

You don’t have to search for space, you just leave it to airport management and they’ll find a space for you as you head to the terminal. Cameras detect the condition of your car to ensure it’s returned in the same state to you.

  1. Meet and greet

You drop off your keys to the team on duty and they get a good parking space for you. All you have to do is go to the terminal and get details of where you can is.

  1. Multi-storey

The advantage of the multi-storey car park that it protects your car from the elements. Once you park, it’s only a short distance to the terminal.

  1. Mid stay parking

Located just a few minutes walk from the T1 and T3 terminals, it is ideal for those travelers who may spend a considerable amount of time away. Security is assured through the use of cameras and therefore you need not worry about your car.

  1. Jetparks

When you park here. you take a short bus ride to the terminals. It is most suited for travellers who will be away for one or two weeks. The pricing is affordable and safety is guaranteed.

Being the third busiest in the UK, adequate and safe parking is not only necessary but vital. Booking spaces can be done online and this article though not comprehensive can be used as a guide when choosing the right parking for you.

Things to do in Manchester

As a tourist, there are quite a number of things you could do and places you could visit while in Manchester. First, you could visit the various museums in the city which include; The science and industry museum where you can learn about the history of industries in the city. You could also visit the people’s history museum and learn about the evolution of law and order and political stability in the UK. There are also art galleries where you’ll get the chance to see some classic masterpieces of English heritage. Other places you can go to include Chetham library which is the oldest library in the UK and access some of the earliest written books. Victoria baths are also a great place to go among many other restaurants and nightclubs